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Getting to know your classmates May 10, 2011

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For our last blog (sad? me too!)  our assignment was to take our knowledge learned through out the course and apply it to our classmates blogs.  We chose four classmates, read a blog entry they wrote, and gave feedback on what we read.  Comments centered on what we liked, disliked, what we found interesting, and why it’s important to our lives.  Overall, I read a lot of great blogs and found everything very interesting.

Below are the blogs I read and the feedback I gave my fellow classmates:


I really liked the stance you took in your blog.  I enjoyed the media you included as well as several different examples of how Disney may not be shaping the lives of children in the way we normally think.  It’s important we learn about the underlying messages we see in all types of media, especially media that is made specifically for children.  The Little Mermaid and Snow White are two movies that little kids, especially girls, cherish.

I like the point you made about how times have changed and that women have a stronger part in our society.  A movie like Snow White can make little girls see otherwise.  Snow White not only lives with seven men, but she does everything household related for them.  It can seem a bit disturbing now that we see the bigger picture.

Another good movie you could have used as an example is Beauty and the Beast.  The movie would be a good addition to the already great comments you made examining the other two Disney movies.  The concepts portrayed in Beauty and the Beast are also very similar to the ones in Snow White and The Little Mermaid, where the women are shown more as objects then people.

Overall, I enjoyed your blog and think you made some really great arguments surrounding the role Disney plays in lives of children!


Your use of semiotics to explore the Chanel ad was insightful.  If I was to take one glance at the advertisement I wouldn’t have seen what you did.  All I see is a celebrity standing and looking all ready for a big event.  I like the way you explored the different signs of her wealth, her clothes, and the jealousy factor you threw in.  I too am jealous of the lavish life she seems to be living in the pictures.

I think you could have gone more in depth.  For example, how Keira Knightley is wearing red, which signifies a sexual color.  The color red could signify also that she is going to meet a man and she wants to look feminine and sensual for him.  Also, you could have examined the other Chanel ads to really hone in on the many signs Chanel depicts through their advertisements.

It’s also interesting to me how Chanel is using a well known celebrity to endorse their product but just by looking at the ad you’re not really sure which Chanel product she’s trying to sell.  I think this is an important topic because a high end brand like Chanel appeals to women from a young age.  The ads are full of signs we wouldn’t notice at first but an in depth look shows much more then what meets the eye.


I loved that you chose Dexter to explore the idea of semiotics and the levels of ideology.  As someone who is glued to the TV every time Dexter is on, there’s always something I miss, especially regarding the signs and signifiers we can uncover.  I liked how you used the opening sequence to illustrate your point.  Normally people don’t look deep into the opening credits or even pay attention at all, but you opened my eyes to things I’ve missed in the past.

I like how you used the idea of Dexter killing the Mosquito as dominance.  From the start you understand Dexter is the main focus.  Also, I never really thought of the idea of the Tabasco sauce being seen as blood or the meat as flesh.  Another idea I found interesting was the way Dexter gets ready.  Yes, everything is very clean and precise and it’s done because he doesn’t like to make mistakes.  Dexter’s kills are the same way if you watch the show, very clean, to the point and in the end no one would even know who or where there was a kill.

I think to illustrate Fiske’s codes of TV you could have used a clip from Dexter to depict your point.  Audiences reading who have never seen Dexter may not understand what is meant by the lighting, action, character, etc.

Next time I watch Dexter I will be looking much closer!


I like that you chose to use Gossip Girl as your example.  It’s a good media example of what we see and perceive.  You did a good job in examining how Gossip Girl can negatively shape our perceptions of teenage life.  Everything in the show is very unrealistic, most teenagers can’t even dream of doing the things the characters on the show get away with.

I think more then the negative perceptions teenagers get from the show is the perception adults can get from it.  Adults may watch Gossip Girl and think that’s what their own children are out there doing and in turn may shelter them.  It’s important to explore the adult perception of the show because we, as young adults, don’t want our parents to assume that’s what we have been running around and doing since we were in high school.

I also like how you mentioned the characters have almost no parental supervision.  Half the time I watch Gossip Girl I forget their parents are even there and when they are, they are acting more as a friend to them then as a parent.

Another point you could have touched on is how people from other countries and cultures may react to Americans after watching Gossip Girl.  They may get the perception that we are all a bunch of snobby kids who only care about money and sex.

Overall I liked reading your blog because as an avid watcher of Gossip Girl I never really think twice about what I’m watching.

I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave me a chance to read what others have been writing through out the semester.  Usually, we just write our blogs and that’s it.  Reading the blogs of our classmates gives us new insight into the topics we learned about.  I know I gained insight into things I didn’t think about before.

Overall, the use of blogs was one of my favorite parts of the class.  Blogs give us a chance to be informal, write our opinions, and really are a good way of getting our point across.  Along with writing about the many different topics we covered I enjoyed being about to post images and videos in my assignment.  It gives the reader a good visual so they can really understand the messages you’re trying to convey.  Also, it makes the assignments fun when we can see and visualize it.

I will miss using the blog as a form of homework assignment, I wish more professors would catch on to how useful they are!


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